A relaxing tour around the thermal centers of Rome and the whole of Lazio

It has been extended until June 30 and consequently everyone will be able to take advantage of the “spa bonus” to appreciate relaxing moments in the spas of Italy. But what are the most beautiful spas in Rome and its surroundings?

Some bonuses for boost the economy

Surely the pandemic was not an easy time for anyone. For several months it forced anyone to stay indoors and brought various sectors of the economy to their knees, especially tourism and entertainment.

It is precisely for this reason that in recent periods bonuses have been created, which are reserved for Italian citizens and which are created with the aim of reviving the various economic sectors. Above all, there are discounts that are used to promote experiences in Italy, including for example a stay in a spa.

This bonus in particular is called “Bonus Terme” and everyone can use it until June 30, in order to get a discount of about 200 euros in a spa in Italy and thus enjoy a fantastic stay.

The sensory paths of the Terme di Stigliano

Surely Rome and Lazio itself are good destinations to spend a pleasant moment in a spa. There are two areas of Italy full of spas, which are small spectacles for the eyes as well as ideal places to relax.

Among these, the Terme di Stigliano cannot be missed, thermal structures built in the green of nature. The treatments they offer not only guarantee relaxation but also allow people to fully connect with nature.

Not to be missed are therefore the sensory paths that can be done at the spa, and the muds, which are typical of the center.

The Baths of Tivoli; the perfect place to relax even with children

The city of Tivoli also hosts a fantastic spa center. Its waters come from nearby lakes but are known throughout Europe. In fact, there are many tourists who come from every corner of Europe, just to visit Rome and indulge in baths in the sulphurous waters of the thermal baths.

The structure also houses saunas, hydromassage areas and Turkish baths. They are the perfect place to relax even in the company of children.

They host indoor and outdoor swimming pools, which are ideal for children to play and relax.

The incredible beauty of the Terme dei Papi

A stay in the thermal baths of the city of the Popes, Viterbo, also cannot be missed. Centuries ago that was the place where the Popes allowed themselves to relax, and which still retain their natural appearance.

They are a feast for the eyes, housing inside them a huge thermal pool and a natural cave, which has been carved out of the living rock and which today is the ideal place to have a nice sauna. It is something truly incredible.