Discovering the most interesting bookshops in Rome

For years it has been a point of reference for everyone, but renovations have forced the historic library of the Alberto Sordi Gallery to close. So where can the Romans go in search of their favorite books?

A point of reference for every Reader

At least once we all passed in front of the fantastic Alberto Sordi Gallery, which houses one of the largest bookstores in Rome, the Feltrinelli.

For years, both the gallery and the bookshop itself have been important points of reference for lovers of reading and for simple passers-by. Unfortunately, however, renovations force the large library to close its doors, expected to last for 10 months.

During this time, the employees will be transferred to the other Feltrinelli stores in the area. Book lovers can instead go to other bookstores in the capital. In Rome there are so many and some of them are really special.

The caretaker of the books of art

Surely the bookshop of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni can be the ideal place to look for a good book, especially if you are looking for something related to art.

The library mainly holds books on art, design and architecture, and I would rightly say. It also offers many children’s books and even some art objects.

Fahrenheit 451, a treasure of rarities

Those looking for books just published but above all difficult to find, can go to Campo dè Fiori, to the Fahrenheit 451 bookshop. It is a special store that focuses more on photography and cinema, but which actually houses everything.

It houses a rich collection of books, many of which are a rarity in common bookstores. A tour inside it can therefore turn out to be a hunt for an unobtainable treasure made of paper and ink, as well as a pleasant experience.

Eating and Reading at the Settembrini

In the heart of Rome you can find a bookshop that in an instant turns into a nice restaurant. This is the case of the “Settembrini Libri e Cucina”, a welcoming fish restaurant which at the time was also a bookshop.

It is the perfect place to enjoy delicious dishes, accompanied by a good glass of wine and a book. For lovers of good food and reading, a dinner at Settembrini will be something truly incredible.