Pizza with figs, Romans' favorite snack

It is the protagonist of a Roman expression, but it is also a delicious snack. Did you know the phrase “Not pizza and figs!”? But above all, how do you like to eat pizza with figs?

A delicious snack to taste during summer

It is a traditional specialty that has accompanied the Roman summer for years. Pizza with figs is a delicious and healthy snack, perfect to be enjoyed during the warmer seasons with an iced drink.

It is usually eaten in summer, a time of year during which the figs become ripe and ready to be eaten. They are accompanied by a fragrant white pizza, which is baked in the oven together with a stringy mozzarella and then served with fresh figs, which are then placed raw on the hot pizza.

This is how you get a delicious snack, which is also fantastic to try with slices of ham.

Not just pizza and figs!

Pizza with figs is not only something incredibly delicious, but it is also the protagonist of a Roman expression. In fact, with “not pizza and figs” it often implies something special, although this snack is already a specialty.

Figs are also really healthy fruits, rich in vitamins and nutrients. There are so many ways you can try them. For example, you can eat them on a fragrant focaccia accompanied by a slice of mortadella and mozzarella.

Another delicious way to eat figs is by combining them with cheeses, such as pecorino, burrata or ricotta. Or even with honey that makes them caramelized and nuts. They are fantastic!

Another alternative to eating figs is to consume them with hot grilled vegetables. They are a real explosion of flavors as well as something really healthy.

Delicious alternatives to pizza

However, figs are not only good when paired with white pizza. They are also fantastic together with a creamy risotto, accompanied by crunchy pieces of speck. They are truly wonderful.

Not to mention the fig ice cream. It is a delight for the palate, especially if pieces of figs are added to this. It is something incredible.

The fig cake is also definitely worth a taste. A crunchy pastry filled with cream and figs can generate a nice explosion of flavors.

Not to be missed is a fragrant bruschetta with figs and rosemary. It is a true delight that will satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.