Romantic Rome: the sweetest areas in the eternal city

It is a city which is abundantly wealthy in beauty and monuments, but it can also be a truly romantic place. What are the sweetest places in the capital?

Summer, the season of almost everyone’s first love

It is the season during which you go on vacation, spend the evenings outdoors, and gaze at the stars. It is simply a beautiful season, full of lightheartedness and serenity; and for this reason, it is probably everyone’s favorite.

However, summer is also a truly romantic season, during which first loves are often born, which in some cases end as the holidays come to a close, while in others continue to last and grow over time. They are full of passion and, most of the time, they start in a magical atmosphere paired with a sweet and passionate kiss.

The lover’s fountain, the guarantee of a bond

Rome, like many other places in Italy, can be the perfect city in which to spend a truly romantic moment. There are some parts of the capital that create the right atmosphere to be able to exchange a first passionate kiss or simply to amaze your partner.

The most impressive place to start with is most likely the Fontanella degli Innamorati, a small pool of water located next to the famous Trevi Fountain. The peculiarity of this place lies in the two jets of water, which are one in front of the other so that they cross each other and then fall into a tray.

A romantic legend invites couples to drink from this fountain so that they can remain together forever.

It is a tender ritual that seems to originate from times of war, when husbands and wives would drink from the fountain together before the husbands left to fight. They believed that this sweet gesture would ensure the couple’s reunion.

The fairytale view from the Orange Garden, or il Giardino degli Aranci

The Giardino degli Aranci can also be a truly romantic place, perfect for a first kiss during a beautiful summer sunset. The view it offers is magnificent because it allows you to see the beauties of Rome, along with the magnificent dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.

It is also a truly enchanting park, full of plants, which have been placed in honor of San Domenico. It is also very close to the cloister of Santa Sabina, inside which is the orange tree under which the Saint preached.

The fairy-tale municipal rose garden of the Aventine

There is nothing better than a beautiful flower garden to create a magical atmosphere, perfect for a passionate kiss. The municipal rose garden of Rome can be the perfect place to be able to recreate it, with its roses that come from every corner of the world, even from China and Mongolia.

It is located in the Aventine and has been a place dedicated to flowers since the ancient times. At first, however, it also housed an ancient Jewish cemetery, which then in the 1930s was moved to the Verano cemetery. Since then, the area has become the home of the enchanting rose garden, which today houses over 1000 species of roses and continually attracts people’s attention.