The incredible treasure of the Arco degli Argentari

It is an arch with a legendary history that seems to contain a magnificent treasure whose origins are still a mystery. Did you know the history of the Arco degli Argentari?

A leggendary place

It was once a place where bankers and merchants went about their business, but today it appears to be a legendary place and the keeper of a truly ancient treasure.

In fact, there are many stories about the Arco degli Argentari. This is an ancient marble architrave with two very large pillars. Once, it separated the area of the Forum from the commercial one.

Even today everyone can see the mighty arch, or at least part of it. It is located on the Church of San Giorgio al Velabro, while its bases are buried by about one meter. However, not everyone knows the incredible legend that lies behind the arch, which seems harmless, but only in appearance.

An incredible treasure

It all seems to begin in 1400, a century in which there was the pontificate of Pope Sixtus V. It seems that in that period a foreigner had arrived in Rome.

He was guided by an ancient book, in which clues were written that would lead to a magical treasure, that of the Argentari. It seems that the clues included in the book, as well as the reference points for finding the magical treasure, were a snake and a “cornucopia”.

These had been carved on a bas-relief of the architrave and by digging they would have opened a way to find the incredible treasure, even if, however, still today it is not known what it could consist of.

But it was certainly something of great value and was much coveted by this foreigner who had found the clues on the bas-relief and who wanted to dig a large hole in the ground to take the ancient treasure.

To do all this, however, he needed the authorization of the Pope, which fortunately had been granted to him. Finally, man could go in search of his treasure.

A dissapointing conclusion

The stranger then began digging the large hole to reach his treasure. He had the authorization of all of Rome but in exchange he would have to donate all the treasure to the people of Rome.

Unfortunately, however, to date no one has managed to see the rich treasure of the Argentari. It seems that no one has ever seen the mysterious researcher who had dug the shaft to take the treasure. Some believe he escaped with the treasure.

The more chilling endings instead tell that the man had slipped into the cavities of the tunnel and was dead. Other strange events confirm this legend, such as the mysterious disappearance of a woman and her daughter near the arch. It seems that both in a completely mysterious way were swallowed by the street. Their disappearance still remains a mystery, as does the existence of the Argentari treasure.