The Movie Restaurant, the restaurant of the Ponte Mammolo cinema

This is a spectacular restaurant that is entirely inspired by the world of cinema and that drives fans of films and TV series crazy. Have you ever been to the Movie Restaurant on Ponte Mammolo?

Dine in a one-of-a-kind place

This restaurant is located at Ponte Mammolo, in Via Jasper 54, and is an incredible place dedicated to the world of cinema and TV series. Inside, it houses life-size statues, scenography objects and various costumes. It is therefore a small cinema sanctuary for film lovers, while for others it can be the perfect place to spend a fun evening (certainly out of the ordinary).

It doesn’t happen every day that you dine or have lunch inside a cinema museum, next to a superhero like Spiderman, or a monster like Alien. Yet at the Movie Restaurant in Rome, all this is possible.

In fact, the restaurant opened with the aim of filling people’s stomachs with good food, but above all to entertain them, giving them a truly unique experience, which they will hardly be able to find elsewhere!

A menu that looks like it came out of a movie

Everything in the restaurant is therefore inspired by the world of cinema. Even the names of the dishes take inspiration from great films such as “The Lord of the Rings”, “Star Wars”, or even from cartoons such as “Peppa Pig”.

They are varied, delicious, and are served in truly creative ways, sometimes even inside a test tube, such as the “Cheesecake Heisenberg“, the idea of ​​which comes from the “Breaking Bad” series.

Even the unmissable classics of Roman cuisine are present in the Movie Restaurant menu, but they are called by very particular names. For example, the carbonara is called “Carbonite” and is inspired by the Star Wars films, while the amatriciana is inspired by the “Matrix” (and consequently is called “Amatrix“).

However, the restaurant’s specialties are definitely the desserts, which are a small feast for the eyes as well as a delight for the palate. Like every dish in the Movie Restaurant, these too are inspired by movies and TV series and are very fun to eat.

It is not everyday that you get to enjoy Harry Potter’s “Flame Polyjuice Cream“, which is a fantastic creme brulée served in a small cauldron. It is also a unique experience to taste the “Cream of Chocolate“, which is inspired by “Scream”, the horror film that made young and old generations shiver. The dessert is so good that that it scares even the greatest chefs.

Truly incredible evenings

Every evening, except for Monday’s, the Movie Restaurant opens its doors with the aim of giving everyone a truly incredible evening, accompanied by delicious dishes and entertaining shows.

For example, a “Pirates of the Caribbean” themed evening is scheduled for July 12, where pirates and the charming Jack Sparrow, the star loved by young and old generations, will be in attendance. It will be a truly unmissable event which many will surely want to experience, so it is better to hurry up and book a table when you can.

The Disney evening on July 19th is also not to be missed, as it will be animated by the “Zero to Hero” that will make the little one’s dream. Again, booking and reservations are recommended for this event.