The Osteria delle Coppelle and the restaurant hidden in a white wardrobe

In the heart of Rome is located the Osteria delle Coppelle, which offers a menu based on Roman tradition. What is striking is the existence of a hidden room inside which is accessed from a white wardrobe…

The Osteria filled with tradition and good food in the centre of Rome

In the heart of Rome, in the homonymous square is the Osteria delle Coppelle, which focuses on offering a variety of food and wine based on tradition. Every month of the year, lovers of good food and conviviality gather in the restaurant that offers an outdoor area and an interior that welcomes the customer in a typical atmosphere of the classic city tavern. The dishes are those of the Roman and Italian tradition, prepared by the Chef with some small creative reinterpretation and with great attention paid to raw materials, guaranteeing quality and bond with the territory.

The menu is constantly changing, especially for those who wish to visit for lunch, with off-menu dishes being available depending on the period of the year. The restaurant also offers, from 6.30 pm, an aperitif with delicious dishes accompanied by a wide choice of cocktails and wines from its cellar, and from 7 pm, dinner with typical dishes and original creations of the kitchen while every day until 2 am one can order drinks from a refined selection of bitters, gin and rum.

The mystery room in the back of the Osteria

What makes this place special is the presence of a hidden room called the ultimate Club Derrière. Therefore, pass the lovely square with mismatched tables and chairs, go through one of the two entrance doors, and proceed quickly towards the back room, where you will find a white wardrobe.

Equipped with a password, it will be possible to access this new section of the building where we find one side of the room illuminated by the reflected light of the orange wall of alcohol bottles as the other half of the room is equipped with chairs and armchairs on which a wall bookcase stands.

The rules to follow and the characteristics of the interior

The management of this place has dictated the 13 rules worthy of every self-respecting speakeasy: you don’t scream, you don’t use your cell phone, you don’t drink too much, and only those in appropriate clothing enter. A selection will then be made to decide who will be able to sit on the comfortable leather sofas.

The retro-style details and a musical background are striking, giving life to a fascinating location, in which the large counter, the fulcrum of Rome’s Mixology Art, is enclosed by a large glass window with metal details, from which you can glimpse at the selection of labels dedicated to the preparation of drinks.