The Sales are Coming! Where should you go shopping?

The summer sales have begun, and the stores are filling up with people taking advantage of the discounts to make their purchases. But where are the best places you can go shopping in the heart of the capital?

A moment everyone has been waiting for

The summer sales period has begun, the time of the year that many wait for in order to do their shopping. For days now, the shops have been full of tags indicating various discounts, and of people who take advantage of the sales to add some clothes to their wardrobe or even to completely renew it. Then there are those who wait for the sales to arrive in order to purchase that new piece of furniture they’ve been dreaming about in order to refurnish their homes. And of course, you also have the usual groups of people who take advantage of these discounts to buy apparel and necessities for the summer that awaits them.

Overall, this period of the year is one that is awaited by a lot of people!

The historic centre of Rome, an antiques paradise

Rome can be the perfect city to spend a few hours shopping, strolling through the many streets of its neighbourhoods, and peeking into the windows of the various shops. In fact, there are many points in the metropolis in which you can go shopping. Among these is, for example, the historic centre of the capital, as well as the antiques paradise, consisting of Via dei Coronari, Via del Servizio Vecchio, and Campo dè Fiori.

These are picturesque areas of Rome, which mainly host vintage clothing and antiques shops. They are truly enchanting and often offer handcrafted restored furniture and handcrafted jewellery as well. Surely a peek through their windows is not to be missed, as is a walk in the Campo dè Fiori market. It is a triumph of colours, smells, and flavours capable of teasing even the most demanding palates.

Via del Corso, the shopping street

Via del Corso is definitely the right place to go shopping and hunt for the perfect offer. There are many shops that can be found on this street which is located in the heart of the capital, between Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo. They really offer everything from stationery products to Roman gadgets.

The shops are then alternated with small restaurants and clubs, which are the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing aperitif and spend some pleasant moments.

A look through the shop windows of Borgognona is also not to be missed. It is an elegant street with little traffic that is home to some really chic shops, as well as a fantastic French patisserie!

Via Cola di Rienzo and its’ many shops

The Prati district can also be the perfect place to go shopping and to take advantage of the sales. It houses Via Cola di Rienzo, a street full of shops and cafes where you can enjoy a good coffee or a healthy infusion.

It is located near the Trionfale Market, one of the largest markets in the capital where you can find everything, especially excellent fresh fruits and vegetables. Surely this too deserves a visit, to discover the smells and flavours of products from every corner of the world.