The Villa Borghese clock that seems to come out of a fairytale

Sometimes Rome seems to have come out of a fairytale for the treasures it holds, which are sometimes surreal. Among these is the incredible water clock of Villa Borghese.

The only one in Italy

Sometimes Rome seems to have come out of a fairytale. It holds many treasures inside, but some of these are so unique that it is hard to believe in their existence.

Among these there is also the clock of Villa Borghese, which is located inside a small lake which has a very special feature. In fact, it is not a watch like all the others but it is aquatic.

Its hands, its gears are powered by water, which continuously charges them, allowing them to move.

It is such a rare object that in Italy it can only be seen in Rome, in the heart of the Villa Borghese park. It is not something simple to notice. If you don’t pay attention, it risks going unnoticed, but those who observe it well are always amazed.

It is positioned on the rocks of a small pond, from which water flows continuously. It is then locked inside a cast iron case which is protected by some glass windows. It would therefore seem like a very normal cuckoo clock, but appearances can play terrible tricks and cause you to lose incredible treasures.

An unbelieveable invention

It seems that the origins of the Villa Borghese clock date back to 1873, the year in which a Dominican monk passionate about watchmaking gave life to this incredible water clock.

Over the years he had made many mechanisms for watches and was building a special one for the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1870. He had designed a watch that would work thanks to the movement of water and proposed his invention at the Exposition.

Everyone was shocked by this incredible watch, even Napoleon III. As a result, many had decided to decorate cities with these fantastic water constructions.

However, not everyone agreed with this choice. In those days, Catholic institutions in Italy did not look favorably on new technologies. They therefore did not accept the entry of the water clock into Rome.

Fortunately, however, in 1873 the capital also had its own clock, which was placed in the heart of the elegant park of Villa Borghese.

A park full of treasures

Today the clock is considered one of the greatest treasures of Villa Borghese, the elegant park of Rome as well as the perfect place to enjoy pleasant moments, surrounded by beauty and green nature.

Inside, Villa Borghese houses many structures, including the Borghese Gallery. A small art gallery that houses the works of some painters who have made history, including Raphael, Titian and Canova.

The Globe Theater also belongs to the many treasures of Villa Borghese. It is a theater that looks a lot like the one in the city of London, which continually hosts fantastic shows.

Another small jewel of Villa Borghese is the San Carlino Theater. It is the ideal place where you can also take children because it continuously organizes shows suitable for them.