"Violence is not love", the caged heart of Fiumicino

Currently, there is a huge, caged heart in Fiumicino, and it is the work of Anna Rizzo that everyone can see these days in the large square of the town hall. Have you seen it?

A huge heart in a cage against violence

It is really difficult not to pay attention to this great work, which has been inserted in the heart of Fiumicino and which everyone will be able to see until September. “Violence is not love” is the evocative installation by Anna Rizzo, a contemporary artist who has chosen to leave her denunciation of violence through art.

She thus built this large steel cage, which is 4 meters high, and which houses a red heart inside. The cage that keeps it, however, is rusty and ruined, while the heart is pierced by a large hook that keeps it hanging.

It is therefore a melancholy-looking work that certainly does not go unnoticed and that invites the viewer to reflect. “Violence is not love” is in fact an installation that condemns indifference and violence in all its forms. It is also the third work of denunciation proposed by the artist in the last 2 years. The first was exhibited in 2020 in Capri, the second in Città della Pieve, in Umbria.

An incredible talent and a love for sculpture

The creator of these works of art is Anna Rizzo, an artist who, for years, has shown a strong love for sculpture. It seems that her first creations were made during her adolescence, in her father’s laboratory (the first person to have taught her this art).

Over time, the artist’s talent has made itself known throughout Italy and has also eon some awards. After all, it is really difficult not to notice and appreciate Anna’s works, so suggestive and cared for in every detail. They capture the attention of those who see them and lead them into a world made up of materials, paper, and watercolours.

Fiumicino, a scenography for works of art

It is not the first time that Fiumicino has been transformed into a scenography which hosts works of art. For example, in the past, the walls of the city were covered with sheets in which poems were written. Some vandals had papered them with the symbols of Nazism and consequently the sheets had been placed in order to cover them.

However, the sheets were not sufficient to cover the symbols, which led to the walls being filled with fantastic drawings, which represented the greatest paintings in history. An incredible sight to see for anyone who appreciates art.