The fantastic fashion show that makes Rome the capital of fashion once again

It is an incredible fashion show that marks Valentino’s return to Rome and confirms the eternal city as the capital of fashion.

A waited return in the Capital

It is a world-famous event that awards Rome the prestigious title of “Capital of fashion” but also marks the very welcome return of a great stylist.

The organizer of this great show is none other than the well-known designer Valentino, who has chosen to present the new Haute Couture Fall / Winter 2022-2023 collection in the heart of Rome.

The setting for the incredible parade is in fact one of the most iconic points of the capital, namely Piazza di Spagna, Trinità dei Monti and Via Gregoriana. A long walkway of 600 meters.

There are many expected guests. Among these is the American star Anne Hathaway, our own Mahmood and Blanco and the editor of Vogue, one of the most prestigious magazines ever. Then there are the students of the fashion schools in Rome, the great designers of tomorrow.

A truly incredible event is expected.

Some incredible gifts for Rome

To inaugurate the parade there is a party reserved only for celebrities, which takes part in the spectacular Baths of Caracalla, a place that has brought people together for centuries. In the past, the baths were a point where people gathered to take a relaxing bath, while today they are a scenography for truly incredible events, such as the Caracalla Festival.

With the occasion, the designer then wants to make a fantastic gift to the Baths and to Rome itself. He wants to finance the restoration of some mosaics in the baths and then donate two palm trees to be placed in the iconic Piazza di Spagna. They will be replaced by those that are currently in the square, which are destroyed by insects.

Another great gift that the artist wants to give to Rome is the opening of the great archives of Palazzo Mignanelli, which will allow everyone to discover all the secrets that lie behind the incredible work of Valentino. Those who want can therefore visit the archives from 10 to 12 July and observe an important page in the history of fashion.

An impossible city not to love

He is considered the last emperor of fashion and boasts a world-wide reputation, yet Rome remains the city he carries in his heart. After all, it is in Rome that Valentino opened his first fashion house.

Rome is the city where his incredible career began. It is a metropolis where lives and stories intersect every day, and it is truly impossible not to love.