GRA Turismo, exit 31: the Via della Magliana, the outskirts of Rome

It is a road that connects Rome with its outskirts and which houses treasures to be visited inside. But what can you see along the Via della Magliana?

A princely-looking villa

It is a road that connects Rome with Fiumicino airport and at the same time crosses the Magliana, an area of the Roman suburbs.

This belongs to the Portuense district and was once an area totally reserved for hunting. In fact, it seems that the first buildings of Magliana were built to give refuge to those who needed to rest after a good hunting trip.

In the past it was also a point of the capital that enjoyed a splendid view. The Popes adored it and for this reason they had a magnificent castle built, so that they could always enjoy it. They called it the “Castello della Magliana” and over the years they had transformed it into a magnificent villa.

They had enriched it with coats of arms, precious objects and made it a truly royal setting. They had a small chapel built right next to the castle, which today preserves fantastic frescoes that come directly from Raphael‘s school.

Unfortunately, today the villa has lost the splendor of the past, but continues to preserve its princely appearance and its truly suggestive atmosphere. It certainly does not go unnoticed in the sight of people.

The most famous market in Rome

There is a street that crosses the Portuense district and that once connected Rome to the port of Claudius. It was called Via Portuense and began in the ancient gate of Porta Portese, which is now considered a tourist destination in Rome.

Porta Portese is the point where the famous “Porta Portese market” ends, which takes place every Sunday and which for years has captured the attention of various passers-by.

It is a truly unique fair of its kind, within which you can find anything, from spare parts for bicycles to bathroom fixtures. Everything is there!

It is so famous that even the singers have chosen to talk about it in their songs. Just think of the “Porta Portese” by Claudio Baglioni, the singer of Rome.

A treasure in the Cinematic world

Finally, in the heart of the Portuense district there is a museum that is exclusively dedicated to the art of cinema. This is the “Cinema Museum of Rome“, which was once located in Piazza della Repubblica, and which was later moved to the Magliana.

For cinema lovers it is a small treasure chest full of treasures to be discovered. There are cameras, props and even a library and a video library that hold some unpublished content on the international cinema. It is something that cannot be missed.