Borgo Pigneto, a new place to find each other in the heart of Rome

Borgo Pigneto is a new place to find each other in the heart of Rome, surrounded by the nature of the garden of a historic villa where customers can relax and enjoy a unique experience of food, drink and music on hot summer days

A new space for the citylife

Inside the historic building of Villa Lauricella, in via Prenestina 216, Borgo Pigneto was inaugurated, a convivial and folkloristic space for the Romans which includes a living room, a picnic area, an urban vegetable garden, an inn and a kiosk. In addition, it is preparing to become one of the most innovative proposals of the Eternal City for catering. The communication agency The Cover and the B.Zar Hotel and CO group decided to give life to this project that combines different structures right in the heart of Rome, giving citizens a new meeting place on hot summer days. A rural location within the city context in the name of hospitality and cheerfulness, with the atmosphere of a farm in Southern Italy, a space where you can relax, immersed in the greenery of the well-kept garden with terraces and floral sections, all to decorate the central villa.

An innovative gastronomic proposal with local products

Live folk music, cultural meetings, dinners and after dinners will bring life to the next months of the neighborhood with a gastronomic proposal in the name of sustainability and contemporaneity, focusing on the quality of local raw materials and with innovative drinks specially designed by the barmen, with a prevalent use of vegetables and also a stocked selection of elaborate non-alcoholic cocktails. After passing the old gate at the entrance, we find ourselves in the picnic area with baskets with a selection of cold cuts, cheeses, fruit and bread, and towels to sit on the lawn at the customer’s disposal. Next to it, the visitor can sit at the kiosk, an elegant circular structure in steel and wood or some sort of stilts under the colossal trees of the garden. Here the selection of cocktails is even more extensive and focused on the need to offer thirst-quenching and refreshing drinks.

The inn and the living room of an ancient villa used to relax

Continuing the route we come to the inn, a space that includes both outdoor tables and an outdoor room. Here the cuisine offered is traditional, with seasonal menus with products coming mostly from local farms, making use of the priority of tapping into fresh products. On the first floor of the villa we enter the living room, a retro environment where you can sip drinks and home-made and botanical-based spirits. To complete the offer of this area, you can choose a gastronomic proposal linked to circular cuisine and reuse, guaranteeing a high-level olfactory experience.