GRA Tourism, exit 32: la Pisana, the Roman countryside

It is an area that belongs to the countryside of Rome and is full of green spaces, which are perfect for being able to get away from the daily chaos or simply to enjoy walks in the heart of nature.

The Roman countryside

It is located at the 32nd exit of the Grande Raccordo Anulare and is an area totally surrounded by green nature. La Pisana is a part of Rome that belongs to the Agro Romano and which houses a large nature reserve, the Tenuta dei Massimi Reserve.

It is an immense green space consisting of plains and hills that have always been used as a land used to grow plants. At the time of the Renaissance, many Romans lived in the heart of this reserve. They cultivated large amounts of fruit and vegetables, but then due to malaria were forced to leave the countryside and move to the centers.

Today, houses can be found inside the reserve, but they are mainly holiday resorts. There are, however, remains of some ancient watchtowers, fountains, or old farmhouses. It is particularly suggestive as well as a fascinating place.

The largest acquatic park in the region of Lazio

A few minutes away from the exit of the Grande Raccordo Anulare, one of the largest water parks in all of Lazio can be seen. Hydromania is the perfect place to spend a different day than usual, full of fun, to relax and do sports and activities.

It is a large water park that houses many pools inside, which are suitable for anyone. In fact, there is no shortage of swimming pools where children can play, but not even whirlpools in which you can spend a few relaxing moments.

In Hydromania there are also slides, which are perfect to entertain young and old people and in some cases for the more daring, to experience some thrills.

It is truly the perfect place to enjoy a day, immersed in the greenery surroundings of the water park and to have fun.

An alternative vacation

La Pisana can therefore be the place to spend pleasant moments in contact with nature, but also the place to spend a unique holiday of its kind. A few kilometers from the water park there is the Hu Roma Camping in Town, a perfect place to spend your holidays in a tent or in a comfortable bungalow.

It is located a few kilometers from the Vatican and has everything, even whirlpools where you can spend truly relaxing moments. It is the ideal place to spend a different holiday than usual, in contact with nature and the beauties of Rome.