Near Rome: Minturno, a town of land and sea

It is located just over an hour from Rome but in summer it is the ideal place to go to the beach, or to enjoy a pleasant trip out of town. In the province of Latina is Minturno, an ancient town of land and sea.

A walk through history in the heart of Minturno

It is not very far from Rome and can be reached along the Via Pontina, the road that leads to the sea. Minturno is a charming town in the province of Latina belonging to the Gulf of Gaeta.

During the summer it is the perfect place to spend a pleasant day at the beach, even if it is worth a visit at any time of the year.

Minturno is a town with ancient origins, which date back to Roman times. It seems they were the first buildings in the city, of which the remains are still present today. In fact, today it houses many archaeological finds, such as the remains of a theater, the Via Appia and even an old aqueduct.

It was then the first Italian city to have had an iron suspension bridge. A construction that was built in 1800 and that over the centuries has been the stage of some important battles. Today it gives off a particularly suggestive atmosphere.

A city of land and sea

Strolling through the historic center of Minturno can certainly be a pleasant experience, but above all it will seem like walking through history.

Minturno is a historic town, which is protected by mighty walls and a tower that was once very high. It seems that at first it was 60 meters high, but that a lightning bolt then destroyed it and broke it into two parts.

To make the city even more impressive there is the Baronial Castle, which in the past hosted some very important historical people such as St. Thomas Aquinas and the Gonzagas.

The point of the city that tourists prefer, however, is the one overlooking the sea. Minturno is home to beautiful 7 kilometers of beaches, which are often crowded, but which are the perfect place to refresh after a walk in the city.

The pebble beach, a small paradise on earth

Not to be missed are the surroundings of Minturno, which for visitors can turn out to be small spectacles for the eyes. A few steps from the town is the Gianola and Monte di Scauri Regional Natural Park, which belongs to the Riviera di Ulisse Regional Park. Inside it houses a fantastic green area overlooking the sea, full of shrubs, pine groves and brooms.

A visit to the fabulous Blue Grotto and to the Sassolini Beach, one of the most fascinating beaches of the Latin coast, has to be seen.