The Antica Fabbrica SAID, a paradise for chocolate lovers

It is an old chocolate factory that had been inaugurated in 1923 and since then has been offering delicious desserts and incredible dishes in the restaurant next door, the B-SAID. Have you ever gone there?

A historic factory

It opened in 1923 and has been attracting sweet and chocolate lovers on a daily basis ever since. The Antica Fabbrica SAID is a structure that has been working with chocolate for years and that makes delicious desserts, which are offered in its restaurants, along with other incredible dishes.

It was opened for the first time in the San Lorenzo district, a few steps from the Verano cemetery, but its fame leads it to be known even in London and Dubai. Everyone goes crazy for its sweets.

At one time, however, the Antica Fabbrica did not have this name. It was simply called “Zurich“, because it was born in collaboration with a Swiss factory. In the Fascist era, however, it was forced to change its name and to become the Società Anonima Industria Dolciumi, better known as SAID.

Over the years it has been renovated several times. A first time during the Second World War, because it had been hit by a bomb and a second time in more recent times.

Today it is a structure that produces and offers delicious chocolate and houses a restaurant that prepares truly incredible dishes.

Some delicious dishes

It is a very precious place, which with its warm atmosphere invites people to come in and enjoy excellent chocolate.

It is fabulous, and it can aldo be sern in the dishes of the B-Said restaurant, the B side of the factory. This is a bistro that was inaugurated in 2006 and offers quick, tasty dishes that often contain chocolate.

Among the proposals stand out the polenta and cheese pie, which is served with a crunchy chocolate grain, and a beef tartare, which is covered with chocolate flakes. Then there is no shortage of traditional Roman dishes, such as a good pasta alla gricia or a white lasagna with artichokes.

Obviously, however, the tastiest courses are desserts. In the restaurant everything is offered, from chocolate fondues to the scenographic sacher.

A place that Willie Wonka’s factory would envy

Apparently, however, SAID is not the only chocolate factory in the capital. In fact, it seems that in 2017 one was made that is very reminiscent of Tim Burton’s film, “The Chocolate Factory”.

It was located in the pavilions of Fiera di Roma and was a real chocolate village, which had been built to reveal every secret about the delicious brown bar. Inside it housed the largest chocolate waterfall in Europe, which would certainly make Willie Wonka jealous.

It was something as incredible as it was delicious. It revealed everything about chocolate, from the harvesting process to the processing techniques. It was probably the most delightful factory – museum ever.